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Novel innovations for sprouted foods 

Golden Malt introduces prebiotic and gluten-free barleys

The market of sprouted foods grows rapidly! 

New Superfoods to Challenge Oat

Golden Malt and The Healthy Grain of Australia have agreed to cooperate to bring health-friendly BARLEYmax™ to the North European market. According to the developers, BARLEYmax™ was developed to address four major chronic diseases of our time: heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and colo-rectal cancer. Golden Malt has already implemented field trials for the cultivation of BARLEYmax™ with very promising results. More information is available by request.

Green light for the production plant in Finland

Based on Finnish Food Authority, malted oilseed hemp is not considered as a novel food. This gives green light for Golden Malt and TransFarm to proceed with the commission of production plant. 

The first sprouted superfood producer in the Nordic countries

Golden Malt and Trans Farm agreed to establish a new company for production of sprouted superfoods. The production plant will be built in Hausjärvi, Oitti and start operation during 2021. At first phase the main raw material will be oil hemp. 

First gluten-free barley for European market

Golden Malt develops gluten-free barley with top breeders in Europe and Australia

Sprouted grain foods provide several health benefits

Read about seven reasons to add sprouted grains in your diet

Germinated  gluten-free crops and pulses are not produced in Finland at the moment

New business with gluten-free products ​

The planned plant will produce sprouted grains and pulses, and specialty malts from customer selected local raw materials.

Market of sprouted gluten-free cereals and pulses grows rapidly

Sprouted foods have proven and significant health benefits including nutritional and probiotic effects

New products can be developed based on sprouted grains

Micro breweries want locally produced malts

Golden Malt promotes local small-scale businesses and local production of selected crops and special varieties

Production of high quality sprouted grains and pulses requires specific varieties and trait genetics

Production of germinated and gluten-free products is based on genetic properties of the plant. When striving for top quality malt, special varieties are needed. Golden Malt cooperates with two large plant breeders Sejet and CSIRO to developed tailored barley varieties. During the development work the contract production is based on existing crop varieties. 

Golden Malt will provide locally produced high quality products from germinated crops

Farmer group to be set up for contract production

Other gluten-free products such as buckwheat, peas, beans, quinoa and millet

Field block designed and managed crop production using existing and real-time data (climate, weather, data measured from plants)

Gluten-free barley will be the flagship product of Golden Malt.

Golden Malt, Sejet and CSIRO cooperate to develop an inherently gluten-free barley malt. Golden Malt will sell it exclusively in the Northern Europe. The development will take altogether ca. 5 years. (Picture: Director Birger Eriksen and barley breeder Lene Krusell of Sejet Plant Breeding)

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Local distils have a clear market advantage


Northern conditions create unique opportunity to produce premium quality whiskey malt barley. Optimized genetics and white nights lead to extremely high enzyme activity which is an essential feature of our whiskey malt. 

Malt whiskeys are made in two ways. Single malt whiskeys are made solely from malt. Grain whiskeys are made from combination of grain (wheat, rye, corn) and malt. Grain whiskey malt should high a high enzyme activity.

Golden Malt will produce malts for both whiskey types, with high enzyme activity. Our Zanin technology enables also smoked malt production.

Drum malting guarantees high quality end products 

Golden Malt ltd develops germination technologies and related equipment in cooperation with Italian family business Zanin. Patented Zanin drum malting system guarantees higher quality than is achievable via traditional malting methods. Modular system enables closed loop cultivation and crop production for  a variety of end products, including gluten-free grains. 

Zanin malting system.
Zanin malt 20.
Zanin malt.

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